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Revolutionizing DeFi Derivatives with Syndr Chain: Introducing World’s 1st Layer 3 Decentralized Exchange

January 8, 2023

We’re excited to announce Syndr Chain, a Layer 3 rollup (Orbit Chain) built on Arbitrum in collaboration with Caldera, to onboard the next 100 million traders to DeFi!

Syndr x Arbitrum

Syndr Chain will launch as an Orbit Chain, settling to the public Arbitrum layer 2. The Syndr Chain testnet is already live, which settles on the Arbitrum Goerli testnet.

Leveraging Arbitrum has enabled us to launch a decentralized Orbit chain powered by the Nitro tech stack, leveraging fraud proofs, advanced compression, EVM+ compatibility through Stylus, and ongoing improvements by the team developing Arbitrum.

With the freedom to govern the data access layer, thanks to Arbitrum, we can explore tailored mechanism designs and effectively capture value opportunities on our Syndr chain.

We feel confident that Arbitrum’s diverse and vibrant trader community, onboarded already, will aid us in becoming a leading options and futures exchange and help us on our journey to competing with leading CeXs.

From Offchain Labs’ team, creators of Arbitrum

“At Offchain Labs, we’re excited to see Syndr leverage Arbitrum Orbit with Caldera to create a powerful, institutional-grade DeFi derivatives product for mainstream adoption.”

— A.J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer at Offchain Labs

From Caldera’s team

“At Caldera, we’re so thrilled to partner with Syndr on building the first DeFi L3 on Arbitrum. The Syndr team is developing a forward-thinking product, and we’re confident that Syndr will quickly become the exchange-of-choice for retail and institutional traders alike. We’re hyped to have the opportunity to support their team!”

— Matt Kattz, Co-founder at Caldera.

⛓️ Syndr’s Rollup chain == smooth scaling & performance for the next 100 million traders

High Performance

Syndr’s L3 rollup chain is built to be highly performant and can scale with the industry. Lighting fast transactions allow traders to escape the costly competition for blockspace on general-purpose blockchains.

Battle-tested & Open-source

While many Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains provide general-purpose networks that developers can build on top of, Syndr’s Layer 3 Rollup is a customised application-specific chain powered by Arbitrum’s Nitro stack with proving technology rooted in Ethereum.

EVM Compatibility & Interoperability

With best-in-class UX and Bridging, Syndr will enable 1-click deposits/withdrawals and easy multichain compatibility, eliminating friction and enabling composability with other DeFi protocols.

Easy Access

Syndr abstracts away the underlying architecture for seamless trading experiences. Traders on Syndr incur zero gas fees, ensuring that all trades are conducted without requiring gas fees or Metamask popups.

About Syndr

World’s 1st high-performance Layer 3 Decentralized exchange

Syndr is an institutional-grade, high-performance Options and Futures exchange powered by Arbitrum Orbit, a Layer 3 rollup.

  • All-in-one: Trade Options, Perps and Futures with low fees.
  • High-performance orderbook: low latency trades
  • LPs can Earn by
    - Providing permissionless liquidity through Syndr LP pools, or
    - Making markets on the orderbook
    - Running permissionless MM vaults
  • High throughput: powered by layer 3 rollup
  • Portfolio/SPAN Margining
  • 100+ markets with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly expiries
  • RFQs integration + Block-trading
  • No Gas Fees
  • Easy Onboarding & Simple + familiar UI

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